Last Rizla – Seamen


Today i’m truly pleased to present to you another great band from my city (which is Athens of course). Last Rizla is a three piece instrumental heavy rock band. ”Seamen”, a three track album which was released on August 1st, is their newest release. I have seen them perform live some times in the past. It’s no secret that Last Rizla is a good reason to go a live. But let’s go back to the album. As it has already been mentioned ”Seamen” contains three tracks. It begins with ”He who talks loud saying nothing”. A nice trippy track in my opinion with cool basslines and distorted riffs. ”Τσιμέντο” is cement in greek. That’s what’s so cool when you have an instrumental band. You can name your songs however the fuck you want. ”Τσιμέντο” is a really heavy, massive track. It has some sort of a post metal structure. Nevertheless post metal is definitely not the case here. ”As the Sun is Masked” is my favorite song from Last Rizla. This track masks some awesome soundscapes, that are waiting for you to discover. A truly nice song with some cool effects and samples. Overall i think this is a nice release from Last Rizla.Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Seamen”:


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