Ism – Nativity


Ism is a five piece sludgecore band from Welland, Ontario, Canada. Yesterday they released ”Nativity” which is a six track album ep and also their newest release. It seems to me that everyone lately is releasing strictly ep’s. Personally i’m down with that. But let’s get back to this blow minding album. Six tracks as it has already been mentioned. ”Genesis” is a huge song with some massive riffs. ”Mother (Death)” is great as well with some excellent beatdown parts. ”Only Existing” is one hell of a track. The singer sings so passionately. I mean he seems to mean every word. And then ”A Critical Though” comes. Hello blastbeats. We meet once again. ”Mind” is fuckin’ awesome. One of the best songs i’ve listen to in months. ”Deicide” is the ep’s last track. Glenn Benton you said ? No, it’s Ism. Mark that name. Recommended definitely for sludge/ hardcore fans. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Nativity”:


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