As We Draw – Mirages

Hello everybody. We’ re back with yet another review. Today we review a hardcore album. Or is it a post hardcore album? Or a noisecore one? I can’t say for sure. You can pick the genre or the subgenre. What matters to me is that today’s album is dope. Let me explain myself. As We Draw come from France. The band consists of three members. ”Mirages” which will be released on October 4th will be their newest release. You can find eleven tracks in ”Mirages”. The band incorporates many music styles in its music. At first i had the impression that post metal was predominant in their music, but i was mistaken. They have a lot of noisecore – mathcore influences. Remember bands like Breach, Botch, Canvas ? Those bands were the shit some years ago. This album is like a beautiful mosaic. Many tiles combined together to create an exquisite outcome. Nice vocals in my opinion, combined with great riffs and a seriously good production. If i should pick a favorite song from this album i think it would have to be ”Blackmail”. Overall this is a great album. I am not sure about the genre. One thing i know is that it has a great ambience. Listen to it and find out for yourself. Here are some links about As We Draw and ”Mirages”:


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