Kvlthammer – Kvlthammer

Kvlthammer come from Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. The band consists of four members. ”Kvlthammer” which was released on July 15th is their latest release.

Their music is a blend of heavy/ speed metal, black metal and crust/ d-beat. So in my attempt to describe their sound i would go for black rock n’ roll, just like it says in their fb page. First of all some words for the album’s front cover. It’s simply great. It brings to mind late 80’s or early 90’s ‘zines. Nine tracks are included in ”Kvlthammer”. Nine exceptional tracks. You’ re gonna love their vocals, and their awesome black metal riffs that will remind you a bit of Darkthrone. You can also find a lot of 80’s thrash in there like Destruction and Venom. I singled out songs like ”Hounds”, ”Habitual Offender” and ”No Borders”, with ”No Borders” being my favorite one. Black n’ roll is trully an accurate term. Listen to No Borders at 02:19. What an amazing part this is! Or in 03:15. Hands down great tack.

This album will make you stand up and start banging your head really hard. It’s definitely music i can relate to. Definitely recommended for fans of Darkthrone, Satyricon, Venom, Destruction, Amebix, Celtic Frost. So if you are a fan of the bands that are listed above do yourself a favor and listen to Kvlthammer.


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