Earth – Primitive And Deadly


Today we review an album from a huge band. I’m talking about Earth. This album is called ”Primitive and Deadly” and it is their latest release. In my opinion Earth need no introduction. The three member band from Seattle has given us great works in the past. So ”Primitive and Deadly” is called their new album and it contains five tracks. But before we start talking about their songs, i want to comment on the album’s front cover art. I think it is a work of art. It’s beautiful, trippy and atmospheric. The artist behind this beautiful creation is Samantha Muljat. Back to the album. Five tracks make up a fascinating soundscape. Hard rock blends ideally with heavy space rock and doom. You have no other choice but to indulge in their great music, in their great riffs, and their massive atmospheres. The band gets its message across easily with extremely heavy songs like ”Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon” and also my favorite from this album which is of course ”Rooks across the Gates”. ‘There is a Serpent Coming” is a majestic song. I can’t find no other word to describe it. Overall i believe that this is a great album. It’s definitely recommended to doom/sludge/stoner fans. Just listen to this album and experience lyrical passion and heaviness. Here are some links about the band:


Earth Rot – Follow The Black Smoke


Earth Rot is a black/death metal band from Perth, Australia. The band consists of four members. On August 29 they released ”Follow the Black Smoke”. This release is their first full length album. Ten tracks are included in this album. There is so much richness in this album. It starts with two great songs which are ”Frostitute” and ”A Dark III”, to be followed by an insanely, absolutely fantastic black metal song which is ”The Pact” of course. In the first two songs you can find some Swedish influences. I’m talking of course about Entombed and Dismember. ”Hunger” is a great song also. Loved the blastbeats and those beatdown parts in the end of it. ”Sleep Paralysis” has some sort of an old school vibe. Loved it also. And then ”Witch Vomit” comes. What a title for a song this is! It prepares you for the next song which is ”Black Tears”. This song has some excellent black metal riffs. ”The Serpent Tongue” might remind you a bit of Mayhem. I believe it’s the drums. ”Stares of Sempiternity” is a cool song. The album’s last song is ”Oblivion”. A nice one as well with a cool guitar solo. Clearly one of the best albums i’ ve listen to since months. I don’t know if it’s a bold statement but i think this album is easily one of the best albums of 2014. Just listen to their amazing vocals and their perfect album production. Specially recommended for fans of Entombed, Dismember, Misery Index, Nile, Rotten Sound, Mayhem, Satyricon. Here are some links about the band where you can also listen to ”Follow the Black Smoke”:

Gust – s​/​t


Gust is a four piece band from Trollhättan, Sweden. Their sound can be described as a blend of hardcore, crust punk, metal and d- beat. On July 22 they released their self titled Lp which is their newest release. We’ re talking about a ten track album. It’s not really a secret that SouthernLord Records have signed some of the best bandz out there. And i think that Gust are definitely not an exception. This music of theirs sounds inspired. They have blended harmonically their influences. It definitely sounds fresh. As for the album’s production i think that it is excellent. You’ ll love their riffs and their cool basslines. Speaking of riffs check out ”Crack the Skies” which is the album’s fifth track. Personally i singled out songs like ”Unease”, ”Hollow Faces” and ”Restless Hands”. But not only these songs. This release is one of summer’s best releases in my opinion. Recommended for fans of Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Skitsystem, Victims, Baptists. So if you’ re a fan of the bands that are listed above do yourself a favor and listen to Gust.




Kung Fu movies are the best

Hello everybody. I’m a big fan of Kung Fu movies, so i made a list of my five most favorite ones. Here’s my top five:

Number 1: The 36th chamber of Shaolin (a.k.a Master Killer)


Number 2: Five Deadly Venoms


Number 3: The Unbeaten 28


Number 4: Seven Grandmasters

the 7 grandmasters

Number 5: The Mystery of Chessboxing (a.k.a Ninja Checkmate)


Rex – Possession ep


Hello everybody. Today it’s Sunday, the sun is shining and we’ re going to review a hardcore album. Actually we’ re gonna review an ep that is heavy as fuck. Rex is a four piece band from Houston, Texas, U.S. On August 23 they released their debut ep which is called ”Possession”. Four tracks are included in this ep.Their songs are insanely heavy, full of this beatdown tempo that we all love. Their death metal vocals will remind you of bands like Nile or Rotten Sound. While their hardcore vocals are great as well. Personally i loved their awesome riffs along with their nice basslines. Listen to the fourth track of this ep called ”Possession”. What a song this is! The only problem for me was that four songs are not sufficient. Recommended for hardcore and death metal fans. Specially recommended for fans of Black Tongue. Just turn up the volume and listen to ”Possession”. Links: