Fórn – The Departure of Consciousness

Hello everyone. Today we have some ultra heavy music for you. In fact i think in my attempt to describe how heavy this album is, i have run out of my regular cliche expressions. Forn come from Boston, Massachussets, U.S and they play doom/sludge metal. ”The Departure of Consciousness” is their latest release.

Six tracks are included in today’s album. First track is called ”Emergence”. It’s an instrumental track. And with it you understand soon enough that it’s going to get ugly. Second track is called ”Dweller on the Threshold”. It’s a great song. It has some heavey, monolithic riffs. Loved also its black metal part. ”Gates of the Astral Plane” is the next song. What an awesome name for a song this is. The track is nice too. Check out its incredible outro. In my opinion ”Alexithymia” is the album’s best track. In greek it means a state of mind where someone can’t think why he’s in it. I think it’s an epic track. Wait till you hear to ”Suffering in the Eternal Void”. Excellent riffs, awesome basslines. This song has great vocals as well. ”Cereberal Intermission” is the album’s last track and it’s also instrumental. It feels to me like the ”Catharsis” that comes in the end of a dramatic play.

I would like to comment on the album’s front cover. I think it’s a piece of art. It’s dark, it’s symmetric, it gives you a first impression of the heaviness that you’ll find inside the album. I mean, i saw it and i was like ”i really have to listen to this record”. And it felt really good that it lived up to my expectations. The think is ”The Departure of Consciousness” is a great release. Definitely recommended to all sludge/doom metal fans. And also black metal fans. Personally i’m still inside the eternal void. But it feels good. Come join me:


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