BETTYŒTKER – Barricades

Hamburg ist braun weiss! Or das Hamburg S.V have more fans? I can’t say that i know. Bettyoetker come from Hamburg. The band consists of four members. Their sound is hardcore or metallic hardcore if you will. ”Barricades” which was released on the 15th of April is their newest release. Eddie, who is also the band’s vocalist, sent us a message requesting a review. So we decided to listen to their record.

”Barricades” contains six tracks. First track is called ”Barricades” and it’s a nice track. I liked its riffs and its melodic parts. I sure liked Eddie’s voice. ”48-18” is the album’s second track. I can’t say that i loved it, but it’s an o.k song for me. I can’t say the same about ”Burn through your shield”. It’s one hell of a song. In this song they blend melodic and beatdown parts in an ideal way. In my opinion it’s the album’s best song. Personally it’s my favorite from it. Nice part at 03:17. And then ”Sullen Eyes” comes next. Nice track definitelly with its sharp riffs. Got a bit distracted with ”Downfall of Man II” but at 02:20 i immediately turned my head again. The album ends with ”Resbak” which is another cool song.

In my opinion ”Barricades” is a cool album. I enjoyed listening to it. It’s definitely music i can relate to. Nevertheless i wouldn’t classify it as album of the month or something like that. I wanted it to blow my mind. But it didn’t really do that. I mean we don’t have a grading scale here, but if we had one this album would get a 6,5 – 7 out of 10. But it’s just one man’s opinion. It doesn’t necessarilly mean it’s the right opinion. Below you can find some links about Bettyoetker and Barricades. Check out their album and make your own judgement:


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