1000mods – Vultures

Today it’s all about rock n’ roll. Greece’s coolest band has released a new album. All the way from Hiliomodi, Corinth, it’s my favorite, your favorite, the one and only 1000mods. ”Vultures” which was released on the 30th of May is their latest release.

We begin with the album’s front cover. I think it’s excellent. I loved its comics type vibe. Eight tracks are included in ”Vultures”. I t begins with ”Claws”. You’ll defnitely love this song. I personally did. I like how this song escalates. Every minute it becomes heavier and heavier. Cool stufff. ”Big Beautiful” is a strong, massive song. It will remind you a bit of Desert Sessions and Qotsa. ”She” is the album’s third song. What a song this is! Certainly these guys got the blues. ”Horses’ Green” comes next. This song has so much soul in it. One of my favorites from Vultures. ”Low” is another favorite from Vultures. I really liked that Qotsa style intro. ”Vultures” which is the sixth song is a nice one. I think people will really dig it on the band’s live shows. ”Modesty” is a classic one. ”Reverb of the New World” is the album’s last song. It’s my favorite from ”Vultures”. It’s a trippy, psychedlic song. It’s actually instrumental. But the fact is it’s fuckin’ awesome. Just listen to it. I swear it you won’t regret it.

Overall great release from 1000mods. I liked ”Super Van Vacation” , which was released back in 2011, but i think ”Vultures” is better. I don’t know if it’s a bold statement but i believe that ”Vultures” is their best release. I also heard that they totally rocked the place at New Long Fest. Unfortunatelly i couldn’t be there. ”Vultures” is specially recommended to fans of Kyuss, Qotsa, Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity. Here are some links about 1000mods and ”Vultures”:


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