SadhuS (The Smoking Community) – Sadhus The smoking community

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today we review a sludge album. It gives me great pleasure to present to you one of Athens’ finest bands. I’m talking of course about Sadhus (The Smoking Community). On the 15th of July the four member band released their self titled album.

First of all i would like to start with the album’s front cover which i think is really nice. I think it’s trippy and beautiful at the same time. The album contains six songs. It begins with ”Burned by Hand”. It’s a great song. It kinda reminds me of Iron Monkey. Very nice part at 06:18. Nice outro for a song. ”Colombian Boat Blues” is one my favorite songs from Sadhus. This song transmits some incredible energy. Also their singer really sings his ass off. I can only describe ”The Smoking Community” as a huge, massive track. It’s also my favorite from today’s album. This song has some huge riffs. ”Stevaro” is an o.k song in my opinion. It has more of a heavy rock feeling for me. But it’s definitely music i can relate to. The way i see it, it’s like a bridge song for the album’s next song which is of course ”Make me 20 Euros”. Now that’s one hell of a song. Wait till you hear this song’s live version. The album ends with ”Bampoola”. Bampoola in greek means boogie man. The immensity of the groove of this song is beyond any reach.

Overall nice release from Sadhus. I’ ve seen them live so many times, that i was wandering when they would gonna release their album. Finally the waiting is over. And i have to say it was worth waiting. In my opinion the band delivered. ”Sadhus the Smoking Community” is definitely recommended to all doom/sludge metal fans. I think it’s one of July’s best releases. Just listen to the album and find out for yourself. Here are some links about Sadhus and ”Sadhus the Smoking Community” lp:


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