Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite

Hello everyone. We’ re back and today we have the new album from Wolves in the Throne Room. Their new album is called ”Celestite”. It was released on the 8th of July from their label, Artemisia Records. In my opinion, the duo from Olympia, Washington, U.S need no big introduction. I think they had made a great impact with the ”Two Hunters” L.p (which was released back in 2008).

Six tracks are included in ”Celestite”, which is an instrumental album by the way. It’s pretty obvious that the band has taken a different direction with this album. The band has chosen a different form to transmit to us the heavy darkness of their music. And in my opinion they have achieved that. We have already talked about ”Celestite Mirror” on a previous post. ”Celestite Mirror” is the album’s fourth track, and in my opinion it’s also the album’s best track. It’s nothing new that black metal artists have chosen over the years to experiment with different forms or different types of music. Take for example Ulver, Fleurety, Burzum, Dodheimsgard e.t.c. Celestite kinda reminds me the ambient works of Varg Vikernes. Yet i think that they are not too close to the world of Vikernes. Some parts of the album reminded me also a bit of the album that Sunno))) & Ulver made. I mean Celestite’s atmosphere reminds me of Terrestrials’ atmosphere.

The way i see it ”Celestite” will make you dream. It will take you to a whole different kosmos. I believe it is a journey worth taking. I took this journey and i didn’t regret it at all. Night hours are more preferable for this album. Here you can find some links about Wolves in the Throne Room and ”Celestite”:


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