Carried Weight – Carried Weight ep

Hardcore still lives! This line came to my mind while listening to today’s album. Carried Weight come from Pasadena, California. The band consists of four members. Today they released their self titled ep.

First of all i would like to comment on the album’s front cover. I found it beautiful in its simplicity. Five tracks are included in this ep. It begins with a great introduction and very quickly you realize that these guys are not joking at all. ”Discomfort” is my favorite track from this release. Listen to this track. They blend perfectly the beatdown parts with the fast ones. ”Golden” which is the album’s third track has an awesome trash metal intro and great beatdown parts that we all love. Great basslines on ”Condemned”. A classic hardcore song in my opinion. ”Pathetic” is excellent as well and i strongly believe that the live versions of these songs are going to be fuckin’ great.

Overall this is a great release from Carried Weight. Let’s hope we’ll hear more from them soon enough. Needless to say, this release is recommended for all hardcore fans. Whether you like oldschool hardcore, metalcore, thrashcore or any other subgenre. Here are some links about Carried Weight and their S/T ep:


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