Future Primitive – FP14

Hello everyone, we’re back with some punk rock music this time. Future Primitive come from Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S. On Tuesday they released their demo ”FP14”

Four tracks are included in today’s release. ”(Sh)red Curbs” is the album’s first track. To me it sounds old school but contemporary at the same time. ”Shitfoot” is an awesome track. You can find some excellent groove here. Their singer also sings his ass off here. Really passionate vocals. ”Broke In” is a nice one as well. I liked its intro. Actually i liked the whole song. It reminded me also a bit of Propagandhi. The Demo ends with ”A.S.G.A.B”. This is another great track with some cool melodic parts.

This demo made my day. Punk Rock is trully a huge movement and Future Primitive have provided us with some excellent stuff. Here are some links where you can also check out ”FP14” demo:


Cathedral Fever – All Pit, No Pendulum [EP]

Cathedral Fever come from St. Louis, Missouri, U.S and they play hardcore. The band consists of four members. ”All Pit, No Pendulum” which was released on Monday is their newest release. Derek, who is also the band’s bassist sent us a message requesting a review. So here’s what we have to say:

Seven tracks are included in today’s album. It starts with ”Spiders Encircle”. Awesome track in my opinion. A perfect way to start the album. ”Monolithic Rapture” is the album’s next track. Definitely a nice one as well. It reminded me a bit of Converge. Or what some people call ”chaotic hardcore”. Though i’m not so sure about the accuracy of the term i just used. ”Black Ark Cometh” is a massive heavy track with some great riffs. One of the album’s best songs in my opinion. ”Synthetic Echo” comes next. I would really like to listen to the live version of this song. I really liked ”Oblivion Bed”. Check out this track. Check out its blastbeats and its cool outro. ”Cavern of the Rapid Eye” is my favorite track from this album. I think you have to turn up the volume before you listen to this track. The album ends with ”Reprisal at the Dawn of Genesis”. A cool song no doubt.

Overall nice release from Cathedral Fever. Their music sounds fresh, inspired and definitely heavy. I would also like to comment on the album’s front cover. I’m not so sure what it depicts but it’s cool artwork and the way i see it it gives you a first taste of the heaviness that’s inside ”All Pit, No Pendulum” ep. Finally i would like to say that it would be great if we ever had the chance to see live in Europe bands like Cathedral Fever (Yautja would be great too). Until then:

Instant Boner – Perfect Sunday

Hello everyone, we’ re back. Today we review a rock album. Instant Boner come from Thessaloniki, Greece. A rather cool name for a band, don’t you think? ”Perfect Sunday” which was released on the 12th of April is their debut album. The band sent us a message requesting a review so we decided to check out their album.

Heavy/stoner rock is the term i would pick to describe their sound. Five tracks are included in ”Perfect Sunday”. It starts with ”Illusions, my Pride”. In my opinion that’s a cool song. I liked those trippy/ psychedelic effects that they use. ”Dirty Roads” is an o.k song for me. ”Slacker” is a good song. It kinda reminded me of Nightstalker. ”Perfect Sunday” is the album’s 4th and best track in my opinion. Perhaps they could have left the saxophone out. It didn’t really work for me. Personally i wanted more of those psychedelic effects that they use. The album ends with ”Head filled with Smoke”, which i find to be o.k.

”Perfect Sunday” ep is the band’s first release. The album has a nice production and nice front cover as well. The band has many good ideas, Kostas has a cool voice, i liked the parts where he makes his voice sound more ”harsh” let’s say. The problem for them is that there are so many bands in Greece that play this kind of music. I mean from time to time i was like ”oh that’s a nice riff” or ”yes, nice drums here”. But then i thought that i had heard these stuff before. Or if you will i was almost sure. But must i remind you that it’s just one man’s opinion. It doesn’t mean it’s the right one. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Perfect Sunday” ep:

Fórn – The Departure of Consciousness

Hello everyone. Today we have some ultra heavy music for you. In fact i think in my attempt to describe how heavy this album is, i have run out of my regular cliche expressions. Forn come from Boston, Massachussets, U.S and they play doom/sludge metal. ”The Departure of Consciousness” is their latest release.

Six tracks are included in today’s album. First track is called ”Emergence”. It’s an instrumental track. And with it you understand soon enough that it’s going to get ugly. Second track is called ”Dweller on the Threshold”. It’s a great song. It has some heavey, monolithic riffs. Loved also its black metal part. ”Gates of the Astral Plane” is the next song. What an awesome name for a song this is. The track is nice too. Check out its incredible outro. In my opinion ”Alexithymia” is the album’s best track. In greek it means a state of mind where someone can’t think why he’s in it. I think it’s an epic track. Wait till you hear to ”Suffering in the Eternal Void”. Excellent riffs, awesome basslines. This song has great vocals as well. ”Cereberal Intermission” is the album’s last track and it’s also instrumental. It feels to me like the ”Catharsis” that comes in the end of a dramatic play.

I would like to comment on the album’s front cover. I think it’s a piece of art. It’s dark, it’s symmetric, it gives you a first impression of the heaviness that you’ll find inside the album. I mean, i saw it and i was like ”i really have to listen to this record”. And it felt really good that it lived up to my expectations. The think is ”The Departure of Consciousness” is a great release. Definitely recommended to all sludge/doom metal fans. And also black metal fans. Personally i’m still inside the eternal void. But it feels good. Come join me:

10 songs to put in your workout playlist

I don’t like to work out. But i must. At least three times a week i run, i do squats, some push ups and some other tiring and boring stuff. So i needed something to motivate me. Therefore i tried to find something to motivate me. The answer was easy. Music. Here you can find ten songs that, in my opinion, will motivate you during your workout. Put those songs in your playlist and i swear it, those 5 kilometres will seem like a piece of cake to you. The songs are put in a random order. There’s no best song or second best song. So, here we go: