Scalps – Serenades Of An Abomination

Today i want to share with you all this awesome album ep. I’m really happy because i found this amazing band from Salt Lake City, U.S. Well i lied. I’m not happy. I’m fuckin’ excited. The band is called Scalps. On February they released ”Serenades Of An Abomination” e.p.

Seven tracks are included in this album. It begins with ”Legless And Fully Charged”. All hell breaks loose. What a song! I mean that bass, those riffs. Second track is ”Sex Crimes” and it has one killer intro. Without any doubt, this is one massive track. ”Anti-Hero” which comes next is my favorite track from this album. It’s one of the greatest songs that i’ve listen to in months. Check that awesome part at 03:20. ”It Reigns.It Pours” is the album’s fourth track. That’s simply 05:44 minutes of epicness. And then comes the next track which is of course ”Amateur Ambien Hour”. An amazing sludge song no doubt. Just listen to ”Dayterrors” and witness the immensity of the groove of this song. Just check its basslines. The album ends ideally with this trippy track called ”The Lynchian Slip”.

Clearly one of the best albums i’ve listened to since months. The album’s production is great, their vocals are awesome. Enough said. Just listen to this album. I swear it you won’t regret it. Specially recommended for fans of Iron Monkey, His Hero is Gone, Eyehategod, Raging Speedhorn. But then again if you’re not a fan of the previous bands just do yourself a favor and listen to ”Serenades Of An Abomination” ep.


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