Everybody Row – The Sea Inside

Check out this cool 7” from Everybody Row. Everybody Row come from California, U.S. The band consists of four members. Punk Rock is the term that i would use to describe their sound. ”The Sea Inside” which was released on the 13th of June is their newest release. Four tracks are included in this release. First of all i would like to comment on the album’s front cover. I really liked it. It gave me a 70’s vibe. Actually the whole four track album has a 70’s ambience in my opinion. And this is attributed to the organ that they use. But make no mistake. Their music is today’s music. Their vocals, both female and male  are great. Personal favorite from this 7” would have to be ”Escape Plan”. This is good vibe music. You can check out ”The Sea Inside” 7” here: http://everybodyrow.bandcamp.com/album/the-sea-inside


Infinite Waste – Ghost Town EP

Infinite Waste come from Oakland, California. The band consists of three members. The band released ”Ghost Town” ep on the 14th of June.

In my opinion their sound could be described as grindcore. But then again this might limit them as only grindcore. The band has a lot of influences that they have blended harmonically. ”Ghost Town” contains six tracks. I liked all of the album’s tracks, but to be honest i singled out songs like ”Swallow the Sun” and ”Consumer Suicide”. Those two songs are like a combined sonic attack. You can’t resist to their awesomeness. ”Ghost Town” is a cool song also.

I think ”Ghost Town e.p is one of the best releases of June. Specially recommended for fans of Napalm Death, Nasum, Mastodon, Today is the Day. Here are some links about ”Ghost Town” ep and Infinite Waste:

Venowl – Patterns of Failure (Review)

Check out this band called Venowl. Cool stuff indeed. I think doom metal fans are gonna love this. I first saw this on Wonderbox Metal.

VenowlVenowl are from the US and play DOOOOOOOOOOM!

Patterns of Failure is like that rickety, shambling, deathless corpse that follows you in your dreams; slowly and surely crawling closer and closer with horror in its eyes. You know the one.

There is a supreme haunting terror at the core of Venowl and I’m not sure I want to know what they do to get it all riled up like this. The howling vocalisations in particular are terrifying in their abandon and make the average “scary band” sound tame and lovable by comparison.

The songs themselves are slow and covered in rust and grime. They give the impression of something being left out in the rain and exposed to the elements for far too long.

The simplest reference point is Khanate, although whereas Khanate made a corrupted virtue of minimalism Venowl have more meat on their bones; Khanate worked with the…

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Καταχνιά – s​/​t

Today my friend Kaze was kind enough to recommend this really nice d.i.y band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The four member band was created in 2013 in Thessaloniki. On the 27th of April they released their s/t ep. Their ep includes three tracks. In my opinion their style could be described as melodic crust punk. The first track is called ”επικίνδυνοι φιίλοι” which in English means ”dangerous friends”. A great song with awesome vocals. I have also to say that i loved the song’s awesome metallic riffs. ”Φωνή Βραχνή” is the next song. In English it means ”rough voice”. Very nice track. It kinda reminded me of Cwill. ”Ξεψυχάμε” is the last track of this album. In English it means ”we’re dying out”. Awesome, epic track. What i would like to say is that their singer seems to feel every word that he’s singing. At least that’s the impression that i got. Nice release from Kataxnia. Looking forward for their full length album. For the moment you can listen to their s/t ep here:http://kataxnia.bandcamp.com/