Eyehategod – Eyehategod

Ladies and Gentlemen, i’m very happy to announce that they are back. All the way from New Orleans, Louisiana , your favorite, my favorite, it’s the one and only Eyehategod. Yes, it’s true, they have released a new full length album after fourteen years. Their new album is called ”Eyehategod”.

The band we’re talking about today needs no big introduction. They’re perhaps the best sludge metal band there is out there. Personally i’m a big fan of Eyehategod  for more than 12 years.  Before releasing ”Eyehategod” the band had released the single ”New Orleans is the new Vietnam” back in 2012. And finally the time came for their new album. ”Eyehategod” contains eleven songs. In my opinion the album was worth the waiting. Mike Williams’ voice remains awesome while Jimmy bower is the man. The album begins with ”Agitation! Propaganda!”. What a song this is! A trully awesome way to start the album. All songs are excellent, with ”Medicine Noose” being my favorite song from ”Eyehategod”. Rest asure the band still holds their initial awesomeness. This record is really dope. You will definitely find those great, heavy as fuck riffs that we all have loved.

I think most people would agree that Eyehategod’s best album is ”Dopesick”. Personally ”Dopesick” is my favorite album from Eyehategod. Nevertheless i think it is safe to say that ”Eyehategod” is one of their best releases. Just listen to the album and find out for yourself. Joey LaCaze rest in peace.


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