Naga – Hēn

Naga are a three piece sludge/doom metal band from Naples, Italy. Today’s album which is called ”Hēn” is their latest release.

”Hēn” contains five songs. It begins with ”Naas”, a song filled with great black metal riffs. But there’s more to discover in this song. I mean there’s so much richness. Excellent part at 06:28. ”Hierophania” that comes next is a greek word and it means to bring forth what is holy. The song has a great ambience. Can you imagine similar music being heard at the Eleusinian Mysteries in honour of Goddess Demetra and her daughter Persefone ? That would be awesome. ”Eris” is the album’s third song. Eris in ancient greek mythology was the goddess of chaos and discord. This is a great doom song. Really liked those space rock effects, and i must say really nice outro. ”The Path” is great as well. I consider this track as a ”bridge song” to what comes next, which is of course ‘Hēn”. ‘Hēn” is my favorite song from this album. I feel like the band left the best part for the end. Hands down, a great, majestic song. Really nice vocals can be found in this song. I’m refering to both clean vocals and black metal ones.

Overall, in my opinion this is a very nice release. Fans of Sleep, Electric Wizard, Unearthly Trance are going to love ”Hēn”. Here are some links about Naga and ”Hēn”:


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