Grey Widow – I

Hi folks, we’ re back with a great debut album this time. Grey Widow are a four piece, sludge/doom metal band from England. Today’s album which is called ”I” is their debut album as it has already been written.

Eight tracks are included in ”I”. I felt it from the first second that these guys are not joking. I felt that while listening to their massive, heavy riffs and their awesome basslines. The band’s vocals are fuckin’ awesome. These vocals are seriously good. I mean the clean ones, the harsh ones and of course the black metal ones. I turned up the volume listening to ‘III”, and then ”IV” came with its raw black metal intro. But wait. There’s even more. Wait till you listen to ”V”. In my opinion that’s the best track of the album. The album’s distorted sound blew my mind.

Grey widow have raised the bar on themselves with their debut album. Hopefully with their future releases they will reach again the awesomeness of ”I”. Anyway the point is, this album is excellent and you should seriously check it out. Here are some links about Grey Widow and ”I”:


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