Black Tongue – Born Hanged

Black Tongue is a kick-ass band from Hull, England. The band consists of five members. ”Born Hanged” ep is their latest release.

”Born Hanged” contains six ultra heavy songs. The heaviness of this release is beyond any thought. I mean everything fits here. From the incredible death metal vocals, to the super sharp, heavy riffs. The atmosphere that is generated from this record is really tense and dark. ”Born Hanged” overwhelms me. Especially this continuous down-tempo hardcore sticks to your mind. I f i could personify Black Tongue’s music, i would then say it’s a person who sticks your face to a wall and demands that you listen from the first to the last second. I really can’t single out one song. I feel i must listen to this ep from the beginning to the end.

Black Tongue represent true hardcore. ”Born Hanged” which is their latest ep is incredible. Hardcore fans should really check out this ep. Here are some links about Black Tongue and ”Born Hanged”. Dopeness is here:


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