Ground – Under

Ground is a grindcore band from New Jersey, U.S. The band consists of four members. Today’s album ep which is called ”Under” is their latest release, and it was released about five months ago.

Fourteen tracks are included in this album. Well, it took me some time to discover this album, but the truth is that i’ve been constantly listening to it for the past four days. The songs are fast (after all this is a grindcore album), but there are also a lot killer beatdown parts. You can check out ”Hate when you speak” for example. One thing you can’t miss to notice are some of the song titles. Take for example ”Cuntsumer” or ”Combat Cocktail (F.U.B.A.R)”. I think it shows that this band has a good sense of humor. Also, in my opinion these song titles magnify the epicness of this album. Their drumming is great, and their riffing is realy awesome. The album ends with a cover of Nihilist’s  ”Supposed to Rot” ! Their cover is really great. Clearly one of the best Entombed covers i’ve heard.

This album ep is fuckin’ great. The album’s production is excellent. To me, it’s one of the best albums that i’ve listen to lately. Here are some links about Ground and ”Under”:


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