Sarcofago – I.N.R.I(Re-release)

Today, U.S label Greyhaze Records re-released Sarcofago’s legendary debut album which is of course ”I.N.R.I”. The album was firstly released back in 1987 and it is considered to be a classic one in extreme metal history. Sarcofago were a four piece band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Many thrash metal, death metal, black metal bands refer to Sarcofago as one of their basic influences.

The album originally contained nine songs. Tracks 10 – 15 come from a split album and a live recording from a tour in Argentina. Now, many people have written and said many things about ”I.N.R.I”. For example Fenriz of Darkthrone and Mikka Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene have quoted this album as one of the most influential in black metal history. The lyrics have an anti-christian content, written in a time where many bands were making a lyrical shift from anti-christian to social or anti-social themes. The album’s production is raw and clearly oldschool. The riffing is great and the vocals also.

I consider Sarcofago to be a pioneer band. Along with Sepultura, they were among the first extreme metal bands to emerge from South America. Sarcofago were also among the first black metal bands to use corpsepaint. I believe ”I.N.R.I” in a way has helped to shape what is today black metal.  If you still haven’t listened to the album, then here is a link where you can listen to it:


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