Helmet Live @An Club Athens, 27.10.2014

Helmet is one of the greatest bands in the world. Back in 1994 they released ”Betty”. Because of the twenty year anniversary of ”Betty” they are going to tour Europe. Plus the tour ends in Athens! I still can’t believe they’re going to play Betty in full. I think it’s going to be an awesome live. So it’s on 27.10.2014. If you’re in Athens then don’t miss your chance to see them live. Here you can see the rest of the European shows:http://www.helmetmusic.com/tour/


Young and in the Way – When Life Comes To Death

Young and in the Way are a four piece group from North Carolina, U.S. The band was formed in 2009. Their sound is a blend of black metal, hardcore, and crust punk. ”When Life comes to Death” which was released yesterday is their newest release.

The album contains eleven songs. This is black metal. I’m sorry what i mean is that this is exceptional black metal. These guys have renewed this sound. This may be a bold statement perhaps but their songs speak for themselves. Check out ”Betrayed by Light”. What a great song to start this record. ”Self Inflicted” blew my mind. That song for some reason game me a ”raining blood” vibe in its intro. ”We are Nothing” is an amazing, massive song. It is my favorite song from this album. ”Final Dose” is a kick-ass song. Wait of course till you listen to ”Take my Hand”. An epic song in my opinion. The last song ”Embrace Extinction” is cold, cold dark and heavy, as black metal is supposed to be.

Hands down one of the best releases of 2014. The album’s production is awesome. It kinda reminded me the sound of Satyricon’s ”Volcano”. What else is left t obe said? Their vocals are great. Their riffs are colossal. They’re like frozen arrows, that will go through your soul. Listen to ”When Life Comes to Death” and find out for yourself.

P.S The only thing i didn’t really get is their name. I mean ”Young and in the Way”? Does this name really fit? Perhaps there’s a story behind that name that we’re unaware of. Or perhaps some bands have really strange names but are awesome. Like His Hero is Gone.

Blame Kandinsky – Pink Noise Motel ep

Yesterday while i was checking Voldera Cult’s facebook page i saw that they were recommending this album called ”Pink Noise Motel” ep from a band i’ve never heard before called Blame Kandinsky. So i decided to give it a try. Well, i’m glad i took that decision. Blame Kandinsky are a five piece mathcore group from Athens, Greece. The band was formed back in 2012. ”Pink Noise Motel” ep is their first release.

Six tracks are included in this release. It begins with ”Varnish 11 st Illinois” which is a cool intro. Second song is ”Cassidy Godson meets Christine Fallin” which is an awesome song, probably one of the best of this album. ”Lions” is a great song as well. I loved those continuous shifts of its rhythm. You can never get bored with this kind of songs. Cool outro also. Check out those riffs on ”Nascency.Admittance.Guilt.Rebirth”. Nice, heavy, sharp riffs. ”Beautiful Savages” is the album’s fifth song, and it’s my favorite from ”Pink Noise Motel”. The energy that is transmitted through this song is incredible. The album ends with ”Death has no Name”, which is a perfect outro for this album. Great part at 02:46.

Overall, i have to say that this is a very nice release. The album’s production is great. Their vocals are awesome. Listen to ”Pink Noise Motel” and find out for yourself. Specially recommended for fans of Botch, Coalesce, Converge. Here are some links about Blame Kandinsky and ”Pink Noise Motel” ep: