Giza – I am the ocean, I am the sea

Giza is an instrumental sludge, doom metal band from Seattle, U.S. The band consists of three members. ”I am the Ocean, I am the Sea” which was released yesterday is their newest release. They have also released ”Future Ruins” back in 2012.

”I am the Ocean, I am the Sea”contains five songs. We’ re talking about really heavy riffs and nice drumming also. Really liked how they blend in psychedelic elements too. For example check out ”Interplanetary Cyclone”. What a song this is ! This is an awesome title for a song also. It makes other bands wonder : ”why on earth didn’t we think of this title first ? ” All songs are great, with ”Drawing Tar” being my favorite one.

The album’s production is excellent, along with really nice artwork. Definitely check this album out. It is highly recommended.

P.S   We have wonderful news. Neurosis are coming to Athens! On the third of July they are going to play live at Fuzz Club. So if you’re in Athens on the 3rd of July don’t miss your chance to see them live. Personally i can’t wait…


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