Sincerity – The Authority

Whenever someone mentioned the term U.K.H.C, i would then instantly think of Stampin’ Ground, one of my favorite bands who unfortunately have disbanded. Today we have a U.K.H.C band. Sincerity are a five piece hardcore group from Kent, U.K. ”The Authority” ep which was released on the 24th of April is their newest release.

The album starts with ”Undefeated”, which is a really nice song, combined with this nice beatdown rhythm and sharp riffs. ”Tyrants” which comes next is heavy as fuck. ”Mountains” is a great song. It slightly brought me to mind early Killswitch Engage. ”Ambiguity” for me is the best song from ”The Authority”. I love how they have put together the fast parts with the beatdown parts. ”Promise Me” is a great melodic hardcore track. The album ends with ”The Authority” which is a song that it would be great to listen to it live along with the rest of the songs from ”The Authority”.

Really liked the album’s production. Plus the vocals were great. ”The Authority” is a release that is highly recommended. Hardcore fans should definitely check this album out. Here are some links about ”The Authority” and Sincerity:


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