Svffer – Lies We Live

Svffer is a kick-ass band from Muenster, Germany. The band consists of four members. Today’s album which is called ”Lies We Live” is their first full length lp

Thirteen tracks are included in this lp. The band must know that they have created a killer album. The first three times i listened to this record i was like ”oh this reminds me of napalm death”, ”this reminds me of converge”, ”this of this, this of that”. But i have come to realise that it’s beyond that. Surely you can find many influences, but the band has created its own sound. So i think we’ re in a position to talk about a band with its own sound and identity. All tracks are gonna blow your mind, like ”Staub” (in German it means dust).

Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut sondern ich glaube dass dieses album super ist. The album’s production is absolutely great. Give this album a chance it will definitely make your day. It sure as hell made mine. Links:


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