Planet of Zeus – Vigilante

Today we have a very special album for you. It’s called ”Vigilante” and it was released yesterday by Athens’ finest, the one and only, Planet of Zeus. Planet of Zeus were formed in Athens back in 2000, and since then they’ve been sharing their awesomeness with the world.

”Vigilante” is the band’s third full length release. Once again the band has delivered. Ten tracks are included in the album. It starts with ”The Great Dandolos”, a massive heavy rock. And then comes ”The Second Coming” which in my opinion is a hard rock anthem. ”A Girl named Greed” is an excellent song with amazing, classic heavy metal parts. ”Burn this City down” is great also. As i’ve already said the band once again delivered. All songs are great, but personally my favorite song from Vigilante is ”The Beast Within”. I think it will be definitely added on their setlists from now on. People are gonna bang their headz really hard to this song.

Planet of Zeus is one of the best Greek Bands and they have returned with an amazing album. ”Vigilante” is an album that is highly recommended. Plus don’t miss your chance to see them live. Here are some links about ”Vigilante”, the band generally, and their tour dates:


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