Black Khox – AKAB

Black Khox is sludge/stoner rock band from Quebec City, Canada. The band consists of four members. ”Akab” is their debut album. They had previously released a demo album two years ago.

There are six songs in ”Akab”. The groove of this album is undoubtedly immense. Today’s album is a perfect soundtrack for my favorite rock club. I mean i can’t drink my beer and at the same time listen to the ”Passenger” by Iggy Pop again and again. Songs like ”Akab” transmit good energy. These kind of songs make people happy. For the last hour i’ve been constantly listening to ”Piniata”. Great riffs and great basslines also. ”BJ” is pure dopeness with a massive guitar solo. Wait till you hear to ”Kong”. This song will definitely blow your mind.

Great first album from Black Khox. Respect for the production. I loved the album’s sound. In my opinion it is perfect. It sounds so heavy as it should. Fans of Red Fang, Kylesa, Baroness should definitely check out this album. Links:


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