Fange – Poisse

It’s Thursday, it’s raining here in Athens, it’s also a little bit chilly and i’ve just listened to ”Poisse” by Fange. All i can say is that when artists get really inspired they make albums like ”Poisse”. Fange is a three member sludge band from Rennes, France. ”Poisse” ep is their first release.

On their bandcamp page, we read about Fange: ”a dirty, massive and loud sludge experience”. I must say i agree. This has been quite an experience. We have six massive tracks. All songs contain harsh riffs. ”Ammoniac” and ”Suaire” are some of the best songs i’ve listened to in 2014. Especially ”Suaire” is an incredible song. I loved its majestic, eerie intro. Awesome vocals from their singer.

Nothing could distract me while listening to this album. It was as if i had entered the dark, eerie world that is depicted on the album’s great front cover. This is a great album. If you like doom/sludge music you will surely like today’s album. So do yourself a favour and listen to ”Poisse”.


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