The Drip – A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics

How about some grindcore ? The Drip is a four member band from Richland WA, U.S. ”A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics” ep is their latest release. It was released by Relapse Records on the 15th of April.

From the first to the last second, the band launches a sonic attack. The band likes Napalm Death, and it shows. But they blend their sound with some crust, d – beat and hardcore creating a sound that is perfect for a live concert. I mean this music is meant to be played loud. Six songs are included in this ep. These six songs transmit enormous energy to the listener. Personally my favorite track is Catalyst.

This blog aims to present to you the best releases. Well, what we consider to be the best releases. And i consider ”A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics” to be an excellent release. Links:


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