Sentience – Beyond the Curse of Death – Demo

Before i begin with, i must admit i am a huge fan of 90’s death metal. Today we present to you Sentience’s demo ”Beyond the Curse of Death”. Sentience is a one man project. Matt Moliti plays every instrument. He has also done the mixing.

Three songs are included in this demo. ”Beyond the Curse of Death” is one hell of a song. It kinda reminded me of ”Clandestine” by Entombed. ”Dusk” is amazing also. Sharp 90’s riffs can be found here, along with a nice guitar solo. ”Beneath a Bleeding Moon” is a nice one as well. I liked the fact that he used acoustic guitars here to create a nice atmospheric passage in this song. Nevertheless if i had to single one song out, that would have to be ”Beyond the Curse of Death”.

Mastering was done by Dan Swanö.  Swanö needs no big introduction. He has worked with some of the best bands in the world. Overall really nice demo by Sentience. Fans of Entombed, Dismember, Grave should definitely check it out. Here are some links about Sentience and ”Beyond the Curse of Death”:


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