Villagers of Ioannina City – Riza

Riza by The Villagers of Ioannina City. I mean, what a name this is! Today’s album which is called ”Riza” is their first full length Lp. Their music is a blend of heavy rock and greek folk music.

”Riza” contains twelve songs. Some of these songs are covers of traditional greek songs from the area of Epirus, like ”Jannim”, ”Perdikommata(beautiful eyes)” and ”Chalasia”. Today’s album is really intriguing. We’ve seen bands in the past mixing rock music with folk music . But i feel this is something else. The singer sings ‘ Jannim to mantili sou ‘ , a song about migration. It seems to me that he feels every word. Their covers are trully passionate. Their own songs are heavy and atmospheric also. My favourite songs fom ”Riza” are, apart fom the covers, ”Echoes” and ”Nova”. In some tracks the band reveals its love for Tool.

To sum up, this is a very good release. It was quite a surprise for me. I mean rock music acompanied by clarinette. In the beginning i thought that it wouldn’t work, but it turned out that i was extremely mistaken. It worked! So, respect to the band. Looking forward to hearing from them soon again. Links :


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