Giza – I am the ocean, I am the sea

Giza is an instrumental sludge, doom metal band from Seattle, U.S. The band consists of three members. ”I am the Ocean, I am the Sea” which was released yesterday is their newest release. They have also released ”Future Ruins” back in 2012.

”I am the Ocean, I am the Sea”contains five songs. We’ re talking about really heavy riffs and nice drumming also. Really liked how they blend in psychedelic elements too. For example check out ”Interplanetary Cyclone”. What a song this is ! This is an awesome title for a song also. It makes other bands wonder : ”why on earth didn’t we think of this title first ? ” All songs are great, with ”Drawing Tar” being my favorite one.

The album’s production is excellent, along with really nice artwork. Definitely check this album out. It is highly recommended.

P.S   We have wonderful news. Neurosis are coming to Athens! On the third of July they are going to play live at Fuzz Club. So if you’re in Athens on the 3rd of July don’t miss your chance to see them live. Personally i can’t wait…


Sincerity – The Authority

Whenever someone mentioned the term U.K.H.C, i would then instantly think of Stampin’ Ground, one of my favorite bands who unfortunately have disbanded. Today we have a U.K.H.C band. Sincerity are a five piece hardcore group from Kent, U.K. ”The Authority” ep which was released on the 24th of April is their newest release.

The album starts with ”Undefeated”, which is a really nice song, combined with this nice beatdown rhythm and sharp riffs. ”Tyrants” which comes next is heavy as fuck. ”Mountains” is a great song. It slightly brought me to mind early Killswitch Engage. ”Ambiguity” for me is the best song from ”The Authority”. I love how they have put together the fast parts with the beatdown parts. ”Promise Me” is a great melodic hardcore track. The album ends with ”The Authority” which is a song that it would be great to listen to it live along with the rest of the songs from ”The Authority”.

Really liked the album’s production. Plus the vocals were great. ”The Authority” is a release that is highly recommended. Hardcore fans should definitely check this album out. Here are some links about ”The Authority” and Sincerity:

Svffer – Lies We Live

Svffer is a kick-ass band from Muenster, Germany. The band consists of four members. Today’s album which is called ”Lies We Live” is their first full length lp

Thirteen tracks are included in this lp. The band must know that they have created a killer album. The first three times i listened to this record i was like ”oh this reminds me of napalm death”, ”this reminds me of converge”, ”this of this, this of that”. But i have come to realise that it’s beyond that. Surely you can find many influences, but the band has created its own sound. So i think we’ re in a position to talk about a band with its own sound and identity. All tracks are gonna blow your mind, like ”Staub” (in German it means dust).

Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut sondern ich glaube dass dieses album super ist. The album’s production is absolutely great. Give this album a chance it will definitely make your day. It sure as hell made mine. Links:

Planet of Zeus – Vigilante

Today we have a very special album for you. It’s called ”Vigilante” and it was released yesterday by Athens’ finest, the one and only, Planet of Zeus. Planet of Zeus were formed in Athens back in 2000, and since then they’ve been sharing their awesomeness with the world.

”Vigilante” is the band’s third full length release. Once again the band has delivered. Ten tracks are included in the album. It starts with ”The Great Dandolos”, a massive heavy rock. And then comes ”The Second Coming” which in my opinion is a hard rock anthem. ”A Girl named Greed” is an excellent song with amazing, classic heavy metal parts. ”Burn this City down” is great also. As i’ve already said the band once again delivered. All songs are great, but personally my favorite song from Vigilante is ”The Beast Within”. I think it will be definitely added on their setlists from now on. People are gonna bang their headz really hard to this song.

Planet of Zeus is one of the best Greek Bands and they have returned with an amazing album. ”Vigilante” is an album that is highly recommended. Plus don’t miss your chance to see them live. Here are some links about ”Vigilante”, the band generally, and their tour dates:

Black Khox – AKAB

Black Khox is sludge/stoner rock band from Quebec City, Canada. The band consists of four members. ”Akab” is their debut album. They had previously released a demo album two years ago.

There are six songs in ”Akab”. The groove of this album is undoubtedly immense. Today’s album is a perfect soundtrack for my favorite rock club. I mean i can’t drink my beer and at the same time listen to the ”Passenger” by Iggy Pop again and again. Songs like ”Akab” transmit good energy. These kind of songs make people happy. For the last hour i’ve been constantly listening to ”Piniata”. Great riffs and great basslines also. ”BJ” is pure dopeness with a massive guitar solo. Wait till you hear to ”Kong”. This song will definitely blow your mind.

Great first album from Black Khox. Respect for the production. I loved the album’s sound. In my opinion it is perfect. It sounds so heavy as it should. Fans of Red Fang, Kylesa, Baroness should definitely check out this album. Links:

Fange – Poisse

It’s Thursday, it’s raining here in Athens, it’s also a little bit chilly and i’ve just listened to ”Poisse” by Fange. All i can say is that when artists get really inspired they make albums like ”Poisse”. Fange is a three member sludge band from Rennes, France. ”Poisse” ep is their first release.

On their bandcamp page, we read about Fange: ”a dirty, massive and loud sludge experience”. I must say i agree. This has been quite an experience. We have six massive tracks. All songs contain harsh riffs. ”Ammoniac” and ”Suaire” are some of the best songs i’ve listened to in 2014. Especially ”Suaire” is an incredible song. I loved its majestic, eerie intro. Awesome vocals from their singer.

Nothing could distract me while listening to this album. It was as if i had entered the dark, eerie world that is depicted on the album’s great front cover. This is a great album. If you like doom/sludge music you will surely like today’s album. So do yourself a favour and listen to ”Poisse”.