Walk Through Fire – Hope is Misery

For today’s review we have some really heavy stuff for you. Walk Through Fire is a four member, doom/sludge band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They have released three albums, with ”Hope Is Misery” being their third one.

”Hope is Misery” contains eight songs. This is an album that i can’t pick songs in a random order to listen. I feel this is an album that i have to listen to it from the first to the last song. I begin with their singer Ufuk. His vocals are trully great . All songs are ultra heavy as fuck, enriched with this cold black metal atmosphere. The band has done some serious work in the lyrics field. Their lyrics are dark, negative, pesimistic. They help you enter the abyssic, dark cosmos of ”Hope Is Misery”. But it is a journey worth taking. I’m glad i took it.

”Another Dream turned Nightmare” is my favourite song from this album. The album’s production is excellent. In the band’s facebook page i read that the band wants to make music that hurts. Well ”Hope Is Misery” is so damn’ good that it hurts



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