Eat the Witch – Eat the Witch

Today i’m really happy to present to you one of my latest discoveries. The band is called Eat the Witch. They come from New Orleans. On the 18th of March they released a one track album.

This track is called ”The Scarlett Capsule”. It is a 24 minute, instrumental track. 24 minutes of heaviness. It’s all instrumental. You can find many of the band’s influences in this track. From 70’s space/psychedelic rock, to early Black Sabbath, Down  and my favorite band from New Orleans which is of course Eyehategod. I really liked their killer riffs, and their kick-ass solos.What i would also like to say is: 05:10, 16:01, that’s some really trippy parts.

Overall this is a very nice release. The album’s production is really nice. I loved their sound. I also think their artwork is tremendous. Fans of Sleep, High on Fire, Down, Samsara Blues Experiment are gonna love this album. Here are some links about Eat the Witch:


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