Cara Neir – The Overwatch E.p
Who likes black metal? The answer is, a lot of people. Cara Neir are definitely among those people. The two member band from Dallas is back with a new ep called ”The Overwatch”.

The Overwatch contains seven songs. This is no typical black metal sound though. The band encompasses many styles, but i feel that they have created a style of their own. One can trace influences from bands like Mayhem, Dissection, Lock Up. You can even find some melodic neo crust on ”Departure Point: Eta Carinae”. There has also been a very good usage of spoken words parts. Those parts bind perfectly with their music. I like it when bands use samples like these. Remember Thorn’s opening track ”Existence” on their debut ”Thorns” L.p, which was released on 2001.

Overall this is a very good release. Lead and backing vocals are awesome. The album’s production is very good. The album’s artwork was made by Pedro Felipe. I had no idea who Pedro Felipe is, but the truth is that this man can paint. You can check out his work here: The only thing i didn’t really like was their photos. Some of them were like ”Cara Neir looking at things”. I think that these photos are a bit harmful to their image. Here are some links about Cara Neir and ”The Overwatch”:


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