Yob – The Great Cessation (2009)


In 2009 Yob released ”The Great Cessation”. For those of you who don’t know, Yob is an american sludge/ doom metal band. They have released several releases in the past with ‘The Great Cessation” being the best one in my opinion.

”The Great Cessation” contains seven songs. The album starts with a monumental track called ”Burning the Altar”. This is one killer song. Don’t get me wrong. The whole L.p is heavy as fuck. But it’s been ages since i have heard such a cool song. I mean, every time i listen to it, it gives me the chills. Much respect to Mike Scheidt and his epic voice.

The L.p’s production is very good. The artwork is awesome too. Fans of Sleep, Electric Wizard, Lumbar, Neurosis e.t.c will definitelly appreciate this album. Here are some links concering Yob and ”The Great Cessation”:


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