Reserving Dirtnaps – Reserving Dirtnaps

It’s Sunday, the 30th of March, and we continue with our reviews with some good quality hardcore. Reserving Dirtnaps come from Memphis, U.S. ”Reserving Dirtnaps” is their first release.

This e.p contains five tracks. We’re talking about good ol’ metallic hardcore, combined with blastbeats and beatdown parts. ”Commune” which is the second track is my favourite track from this e.p. It is such a massive, awesome track! The albmu’s production is great. The artwork is cool also.

I could not really find any flaws in this release. Except for one. Five tracks were not enough. I’m looking forward to their next release. Links about Reserving Dirtnaps:


Word Is Bond – Rats Eating Our Home

Today a friend of mine was kind enough to recommend an album. This album is called ”Rats Eating Our Home” . It was released on the first of February by the athenian hardcore band Word Is Bond. Mark that name because these guys are here to stay.

The cd contains eight tracks. Eight tracks of raw oldschool hardcore. You’ll definitely love their sharp riffs. I singled out songs like ”Self Reminder” and ”Outsiders Claim”. On Outsiders Claim i specially liked the beatdown parts, on 03:25 for example. ”Confronted” is a nice one as well. I like how Jesse Pinkman speaks in the beginning saying ”my word is my bond”.

Overall this is a very good release. Hardcore Fans should definitely listen to this release. Links:


Walk Through Fire – Hope is Misery

For today’s review we have some really heavy stuff for you. Walk Through Fire is a four member, doom/sludge band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They have released three albums, with ”Hope Is Misery” being their third one.

”Hope is Misery” contains eight songs. This is an album that i can’t pick songs in a random order to listen. I feel this is an album that i have to listen to it from the first to the last song. I begin with their singer Ufuk. His vocals are trully great . All songs are ultra heavy as fuck, enriched with this cold black metal atmosphere. The band has done some serious work in the lyrics field. Their lyrics are dark, negative, pesimistic. They help you enter the abyssic, dark cosmos of ”Hope Is Misery”. But it is a journey worth taking. I’m glad i took it.

”Another Dream turned Nightmare” is my favourite song from this album. The album’s production is excellent. In the band’s facebook page i read that the band wants to make music that hurts. Well ”Hope Is Misery” is so damn’ good that it hurts


Yautja – Songs of Descent

Wir waren Tzertzelos und ohne Lieder. Well, that’s not really true. We want to bring the noise, and we have countless songs we want to share with you. Enough with my earlier tacky joke though. Last week, bandcamp helped me to discover today’s album, which i consider to be an underground jewel. This album is called ”Songs of Descent” and it was released on the 11th of February by Jautja. Jautja is an american band, and this L.p is their new 12” L.p. You might think Jautja is a strange name, and it actually is. It’s a fictional character created by the Thomas brothers. Jautja can be seen on the 1987 science fiction film where he tried to kill Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, a character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here is one famous scene from that film:

Back to the album then. ”Songs of Descent” contains fourteen songs. If someone would ask me to describe their sound, i would then say hardcore, chaotic hardcore to be more precise. The song that lasts the longer is ”faith resigned” which brought me to mind Converge. To their hardcore style music they add some grindcore parts, and a lot of oldschool death metal. Some of their bass lines and riffs reminded me of Entombed. ”Denihilist” is an awesome track. I consider that and ”Tar and Blindness” to be the best songs of this L.p. But it’s not only about these songs. ”A Crawl” is pretty awesome too. ”Chemical Reign” as well.

Overall ”Songs of Descent” made my day, the day i found out about it. It is an album that it should be heard really loud. I also think the live versions of their songs would be really killer ones. I don’t really have high hopes of a Jautja live in Athens, but one can always hope. Until then, here are some links about ”Songs of Descent” and Jautja:

Eat the Witch – Eat the Witch

Today i’m really happy to present to you one of my latest discoveries. The band is called Eat the Witch. They come from New Orleans. On the 18th of March they released a one track album.

This track is called ”The Scarlett Capsule”. It is a 24 minute, instrumental track. 24 minutes of heaviness. It’s all instrumental. You can find many of the band’s influences in this track. From 70’s space/psychedelic rock, to early Black Sabbath, Down  and my favorite band from New Orleans which is of course Eyehategod. I really liked their killer riffs, and their kick-ass solos.What i would also like to say is: 05:10, 16:01, that’s some really trippy parts.

Overall this is a very nice release. The album’s production is really nice. I loved their sound. I also think their artwork is tremendous. Fans of Sleep, High on Fire, Down, Samsara Blues Experiment are gonna love this album. Here are some links about Eat the Witch:

Cara Neir – The Overwatch E.p
Who likes black metal? The answer is, a lot of people. Cara Neir are definitely among those people. The two member band from Dallas is back with a new ep called ”The Overwatch”.

The Overwatch contains seven songs. This is no typical black metal sound though. The band encompasses many styles, but i feel that they have created a style of their own. One can trace influences from bands like Mayhem, Dissection, Lock Up. You can even find some melodic neo crust on ”Departure Point: Eta Carinae”. There has also been a very good usage of spoken words parts. Those parts bind perfectly with their music. I like it when bands use samples like these. Remember Thorn’s opening track ”Existence” on their debut ”Thorns” L.p, which was released on 2001.

Overall this is a very good release. Lead and backing vocals are awesome. The album’s production is very good. The album’s artwork was made by Pedro Felipe. I had no idea who Pedro Felipe is, but the truth is that this man can paint. You can check out his work here: The only thing i didn’t really like was their photos. Some of them were like ”Cara Neir looking at things”. I think that these photos are a bit harmful to their image. Here are some links about Cara Neir and ”The Overwatch”:

Yob – The Great Cessation (2009)


In 2009 Yob released ”The Great Cessation”. For those of you who don’t know, Yob is an american sludge/ doom metal band. They have released several releases in the past with ‘The Great Cessation” being the best one in my opinion.

”The Great Cessation” contains seven songs. The album starts with a monumental track called ”Burning the Altar”. This is one killer song. Don’t get me wrong. The whole L.p is heavy as fuck. But it’s been ages since i have heard such a cool song. I mean, every time i listen to it, it gives me the chills. Much respect to Mike Scheidt and his epic voice.

The L.p’s production is very good. The artwork is awesome too. Fans of Sleep, Electric Wizard, Lumbar, Neurosis e.t.c will definitelly appreciate this album. Here are some links concering Yob and ”The Great Cessation”: