Blvck Ceiling – Ghost e.p

February 21st, and Blvck Ceiling has returned with yet another release. And all i can say is, what a release this is! Blvck Ceiling is an american procuder. He has released many works in the past, with Ghost e.p being the latest one.

Ghost contains five tracks. Five tracks that combine electronic music, hip hop, and some post punk/goth ambience perhaps. Songs like ”Runner” and ”future islands” might remind you of the Canadian duo Crystal Castles, with some nostalgic 90’s electronica. ”Bad Girls” is a pretty cool song. It’s actually a nice remix of bad girls, which is a song by british rapper M.I.A. ”Body Electric” is nice too, while ”Ghost” is the darkest song of this e.p.

I consider ”Ghost” e.p to be one of the best releases of February. It is a release that is highly recommended. Here are some useful links about Blvck Ceiling and ”Ghost” e.p:


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