Sunn O))) & Ulver – Terrestrials


For the last twenty and more years Kristoffer Rygg (a.k.a Trickster G, Trickster, Garm) and Ulver have been in a constant search for their most suitable music style. They started with ”Bergtatt” playing epic black metal and then continued with their acoustic masterpiece which is of course ”Kveldssanger”. Then they altered their style again playing raw black metal in ”Nattens Madrigal”. On ”William Blake’s , the Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, they altered their sound again creating a rather progressive, avant guard L.p. With the release of ”Metamorphosis” e.p, the band stated that they didn’t intend to play black metal or metal music anymore. With ”Metamorphosis” e.p Ulver changed their sound dramatically. With the realese of ”Perdition City” they even flirted with trip hop and jazz. It seems to me that Garm is constantly unsatisfied and is also in search of something new. Of course i forgot that wolves evolve.

Sun O))) need no big introduction. The innovative duo of Graig Anderson and Stephen O’ Malley have created  some ultra heavy masterpieces like my favorite from them ”Fligth of the Behemoth”. Sunn O))) have worked with important artists like Lee Dorian, Justin Graves, creating ”Rampton” (the first full length L.p of Teeth of Lions rule the Divine). Stephen O’ Malley plays for Burning With and Khanate,while Graig Anderson plays for Goatsnake and Engine Kid. They both have worked with Hungarian artist Attila Czihar, recording a massive track called ”the symptoms of Kali Yuga”, which can be found on Attila Czihar’s ”The Beast of” L.p.

Some years ago the two bands, which of course are Ulver and Sunn O))) , decided to work on a joint project. This project is called ”Terrestrials, and it was released on February 3, 2014. The album was produced by Stephen O’ Malley and Kristofer Rygg. Three tracks can be found on ”Terrestrials”. Three tracks that combine ambient, noise and drone music. Some parts have highly reminded me of Raison D’ Etre, MZ412 and Ulver’s lattest album called ”Messe”. Some parts from the three tracks reminded me also remixes made by several artists in their ten year anniversary album called ”1993-2003 1st Decade in the Machines”, with Neotropic and Third Eye Foundation being the most prominent of them. O.k perhaps Garm has lost interest in black metal or metal music generally, but i seriously think that the ambience generated from ”Terrestrials” is strongly related to the ambience that was generated from Ulver’s black metal trilogy. Sunn O))) have definitelly contributed towards that.

In my opinion works like Messe and Terrestrials can be described as black metal without being black metal at all. It’s like Ulver have reapproached that sound from a whole different perspective. As for Sunn O))) they’ re constantly delivering works that can be descibed as heavy, innovative and intriguing.


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