Gris Klein by Birds In Row

There’s a road leading into darkness.
It’s got a rhythm, it’s got a rhythm that no one can clap to.
You think you’re free until you answer the call and all the claps of some fools just cover it up.
Come with me, come with me

Gris Klein is the 4th full length album by French trio Birds in Row, and a trully powerful debut with Red Creek Recordings. As they have been doing for the last decade (or so), Birds in Row is a chaotic mix between contemporary hardcore and post-hardcore punk. Matching their raw, melancholic musical energy with direct lyrics, they conduct their craft in a very engaging way. They offer misty, rainy musical landscapes, in a way that is incredibly special.

There is a constant interchange between chaotic hardcore compositions (i.e. Daltonians, Nympheas, Winter, yet) and great post-punk transitions (Noah, Trompe L’Oeil, Rodin), or between hardcore screams and spoken word poetry.

The production is trully masterful; props to the band and of course to Amaury Sauvé (production & recording) and to Magnus Lindberg (mixing & mastering — you might know him from collaborations with Cult of Luna, pg.Lost, Russian Circles, etc).

A truly beautiful release.

Favourite tracks: Noah/Cathedrals; Trompe L’Oeil; Rodin;

Birds in Row are: B, Q, T.